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Yeah, already 5 Parts...

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Mistrust Part V - "What are you doing in here??"

Jack sneaked in and closed the door behind himself. He stopped and frowned his forehead without turning around. Were there some clothes on one of these armchairs? His heart began to beat harder against his chest. No. You're halluzinating, Jack. No one follows you. You need a shrink... - Jack inhaled deeply and than slowly turned around. And than he saw it. Clothes of a woman, everywhere on the floor and on the armchair. The air smelled seductive. Some perfume? But Jack could not wonder about this now.

Where is she? In the bedroom. I bet she´s in the bedroom. What to do... Call the police, immediately? Go to the hotel manager? What!

Jack turned around hectically when he heard a funny sound coming out of the bathroom. It was like... of someone who loses control before slipping out on a banana peel... - UUUAAAHHH.... and then - SPLOOSH...! - someone fell into water... Now Jack was completely alarmed. He looked around for some kind of weapon but he could not find one. He unplugged a small lamp on the desk and ran into the bathroom.

And there, Jack saw something unbelieveable funny. A woman, completely naked. Over and over full with foam - A thought like what a pity sneaked into to Jack´s mind, but he pushed it aside quickly - stood on the upper stair of the little ladder and tried to keep control of her feet. As she saw him, she seemed to be totally shocked - good actress - and looked at Jack with her mouth wide open. Then she screamed and fished for a towel. She came out of the bathtub, that towel pressed on her body and... she drew back carefully. She really seemed to be scared. 

"What are you doing in here?!" Jack an her said at the same time. Anna starred on the lamp in his hand and Jack followed her glance. - OH! - he put the lamp on the wicker chair next to him. Then he slowely went towards the woman, keeping his hands soothing in front of himself. "Listen, young lady. This is my room. I don´t know how you could get inside, but I will call the police, if.." "Whaaat...?!", Anna finally woke up, "the police! You?? Hah! I don´t believe this." She rolled her eyes and threw her arm in the air with a flashing of desperation. And then she began to speak. Slowly and concentrated: "Listen. You come into this room. Into MY bathroom. Armed with a lamp. And YOU want to call the police? I tell you how I got in here, I have a key to this room, Mister!!!" Now she raised her voice as she saw that this - extraordinary good looking - man obviously was no danger to her. "Haven´t you seen, I was NAKED? Would you please just GO AWAY? Because I will call the police, if you won´t!!!" She gave him a hint to the batroom door. 

Jack began to laugh. Anna looked at him as if he´d be a lunatic. Jack began to shake his finger in the air and said "You are really clever, you know?", he nodded, "really clever...  - Oh my god, he is crazy.  Shit what can I do now...? - Anna gulped hard. 

Jack kept on speaking. Now he did not seem to be very amused anymore. It was some kind of scary, that way he talked now. He looked very angry..."I have experienced this before an it´s not funny. Listen, I love my fans. I really do. But this is too much, ok? Please go away. I swear, I will call the police. So, get dressed and then go!! I am not joking. I know you´ve heard about my sense of humor, but now it´s over, ok? Go AWAY!" 

Annas mouth was open. She couldn´t believe what she heard. Who was that jerk? She wrinkled her forehead and curled her mouth. Now she was really angry. "Listen, you clown!! What did you say, fan?? Who are you? Some accordion-player in the streets of New York? A string-puller in a lousy Puppetshow?? I AM HERE, NAKED IN THE BATHROOM OF MY HOTELROOM, FREEZING....AND YOU A... YOU JERK ARE OBVIOUSLY NOT ABLE TO READ THE NUMBER ON YOUR KEY, HUH?? PLEASE, GO AHEAD AND CALL THE POLICE! I am waiting...."

Jack was impressed and... a little unsure. "You don´t know who I am?" Anna rolled her eyes again. "I don´t really give a f... I mean... I don´t even care who the hell you are, ok? Do you know who I AM?" Jack slowly shook his head. Anna continued "Nooo??? Why not, Mr. ... Whoever...? I am a famous author. And you are a third class.. what? An actor? A singer? Why don´t you do yourself a favor and just go? I would like to get dressed up now, it's getting cold." 

Anna looked at him and saw how unsure he began to be. Somehow she felt sorry for what she said. But god damn, he came into her room! While she was waiting for his reply, she watched him. Damn, he really was a good looking guy. More than that! Full brown hair, combed back on his head. blue eyes. A beautiful mouth, slender lips, uncommon red and with a desireable drive. He was somewhat around 40, Anna guessed. Perfect Age.... What a pity, he was a nut case...

"Miss.... If I had a wrong key, how come I could get in here?" The woman nodded. "That´s true Mister. But how did I get in here, huh?" Jack shook his head "I don´t know. But this is my room. Look at my key - 225." Jack began to be really frustrated.

Anna Mortimer gave a hint to the man to force him to turn around. Holden obeyed. Anna quickly slipped into her bathrobe and the slippers an ran into the room next door. She took her key and gave it to him. "225", Jack whispered, "that´s not possible..." Anna returned: "As you can see... They obviously made a mistake. One of these will be the spare key, I guess." 

Jack suddenly blushed. "Oh my god. I am so sorry, Miss. That is really a shame. I... I will go and talk to the manager. This should not have happened. Please forgive me. I always have this room, when I check in here. So that´s propably why this mistake happened and...." 
"Okay!!" Anna interrupted. "Okay. It´s... okay, but... could you just go, please? I really had a long day and you see... I was in that room at first, so...." 
" Oh, yes. Of course. I´m so sorry. I´ll go now, i´ll go." 

Oh what a day.... - Anna just wanted to sleep a little while and maybe check out the hotel bar later on. After she had dried and brushed her hair and finally wore something warmer and more comfortable, she sneaked into the bedroom. What a bed!! Huge and full with blankets and gorgeous pillows. She crawled in. With her eyes she wandered over the ceiling and thought about this crazy day. She automatically had to smile. Yes, that was a really damn attractive man. But what a poser!!! - Don´t you know who I am?? - What does he think of himself..? Anna fell asleep with a sigh.

Mistrust Part IV - "Anna"

Soft Jazzmusic floated the bathroom. Anna sat in a mountain of white, fluffy foam in a huge bathtub. A glass of Champaign next to her, eyes closed. This is heaven - she thought...

Ok, now the truth. Yes - the music played and yes - she sat in a mountain of foam, but... hell, she was such a clumsy fellow - of course she used to have champaign, but now it´s in the bath.... Anna sighed: "I am just such a shlemiel, I can´t get it..." She grinned. But the rest was true. Anna really enjoyed herself in the bathroom, until...

...until she thought she heard a sound from next door. Was it a door lock? What´s wrong here...? Anna held her breath and slowly swam - yeah swam in that huge pool that they call a bathtub!! - to the little ladder. She was alarmed and a little frightened. She strained her ears for any sounds from the other room and slowely stepped upstairs. Was it just an illusion?

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Mistrust Part III - "Jack"

Part III - Jack

Jack came through the entrée of The New York Plaza Hotel and was immediately surrounded by fans - and members of the Hotel Crew who were trying to keep them away from him. These people always make him nervous... He just wanted to get away from them. He was downright in panic, even though the Hotel Crew was able to ease the situation almost at sudden. 

The fans had to leave the hotel and weren´t also able to sneak in again. „Well, Mr. Holden... Unfortunately some of them always seem to come through THAT DOOR...!“ While the concierge - Mr. Blend - said that, he threw a warning glance to the doorman and his voice raised in the end of the sentence. „I am very sorry for that, Mr. Holden. They just love you. What can we do?“ Blend shrugged his shoulders apologetically and smiled in an afflicted way. He was compete for Jacks‘ forgiveness. Somehow pitful - Jack thought. „It´s ok, Mr. Blend. Please just give me my keys. I am really tired.“ „Yes, of course. Of course Mr. Holden. Please follow me.“ Blend gave Jack the keys to his room and a hint to Fisher. Jack shook his head, lifted his hand to Fisher´s direction and said: „No please, Mr. Fisher. I don´t need your help today. My baggage will come here tomorrow. I only have this little bag in my hand. I will go alone this time. Thank you.“ With these words, Jack went straightly to the next elevator. Fisher and Blend watched after him anxiously. Blend again threw a mean glance on Stephen, the doorman and then went away, with a shake of his head. 

Upstairs Jack put the key into the lock and opened the door slowly...

As I now wrote 2 parts of my new story, I have finally found the Title:


Mistrust Part II - "Anna"


She came into the lobby of The New York Plaza Hotel und was totally staggered. She stood there with an open mouth and sucked everything up what was around her. She was totally amazed by the different smells and perspectives. It was infatuating.

All these impressions released fireworks of little flashes in her mind. She had never seen something so impressive before. After a while she realized she was watched by the concierge. He looked right into her eyes. She immediately closed her mouth. The man smiled at Anna in a friendly way. Anna gave him a flighty smile and threw her baggage on a baggage cart next to her. You could not have named her suitcases shabby - she just bought them before she started her journey - but next to all these samsonites and Luis Vuittons they seemed to be better sports bags. Anna curled her mouth. 

She went to the Check-In at the counter where the concierge waited - still smiling. That smile seemed not to be false but Anna thought this was propably well-trained. „Hi. I´m Anna Mortimer. I would like to check-in. I have a reservation for the next five days, Mr.... Blend.“ Anna bent forward to read his nameplate. 

Mr. Blend busy combed through his computer and pursed his lips, while he did that. Anna watched him. Strange guy - tall, a little chubby with scanty reddish hair he had brushed accurately over his head. He seemed to be very neat but somehow Anna got the feeling, that it does not really fit him. She believed that he was more that kind of guy who likes to sit on the sofa in underwear after work ist done. Maybe she was at fault, but she got that feeling she could not really explain. Maybe it was just because she herself felt not quite fresh after that long, long day. She just wanted to take a long, hot bath in her hotelroom. 

After a so felt eternity Mr. Blend looked up to Anna and showed up to a young man in a red  uniform who stood behind her. „This is Mr. Fisher. He will lead you to your suite, Miss Mortimer. Welcome to the New York Plaza Hotel. Please have a wonderful abidance. And do not hesitate to contact us for further questions and wishes you´ll might have. Day or night.“ Was she wrong or was Mr. Blend winking at her? Uhh.. she shivered... „Ah.. thank you very much, Mr. Blend. I am sure, everything will be to my satisfaction. Good night.“

Anna followed Mr. Fisher into the elevator. No bad perspective - Anna thought. Nice little butt... In the elevator, Mr. Fisher pressed the button with number 2 and than stood back to the back board of the elevator - his hands folded infront of his belly. His gaze was straightly ahead. 

Anna stole a glance and saw that his front view was quite good, too. Full, dark hair. Black hair. Light-brown eyes. An angular chin, full but not flaring lips. Annas view wandered down to the hands of the young guy and she winced barely noticeable. Oh my god - she thought - guys don´t you know, that hands are so important...? Chewed nails, rough skin. Anna quietly sighed.

She was, adverted to men, not so very ambitious, but spruceness is an absolute must - highest priority! And hands are at fact a part of it all. 

After Mr. Fisher had left Annas room with a - in her opinion - remarkable tip, she let herself fall into one of the extraordinary soft and big armchairs in the room. She was totally worn out. It´s sheer lunacy!! - Anna could not believe how lucky she was, that the publishing company has checked her in to a room at The New York Plaza! This suite was drop-dead gorgeous!! Anna looked around happily. She surely had to confess that the famous penthouse was approx. a hundred stories away from her room but it was THE NEW YORK PLAZA, for god´s sake!! 

Anna stood up to take a look out of the window. The view wasn´t even worth talking about it, but she could see the lights of New York City as the daylight slowly began to fade. 

And now - Anna said to herself and clapped her hands together like a child having an idea - a nice, hot bath!

She began to dance through the room. Her green eyes were glowing and her long, black hair flew through the air. She dances away her shoes and her feet felt the warmth and softness of the carpet...

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Mistrust Part I - "Jack"


Jack Holden came from a meeting with fans in Midtown New York, 36th Street. He felt extremely relieved after that. He reflected on June. 5 months ago she left him, because she could no more stand that stalking of his crazy fans. One of these girls followed her everywhere she went an threw things after her. Once she got hurt on her left arm. Thanks god there was a guard on the parking space so the weird girl got caught. 

But it was too much for June. Since the beginning of their relationship, Jack and she were in distress. They both received dreadful and scary letters. And although all these attackes ended, when that certain girl - Vivian? - was caught, something had died in their love. Jack decided he would never ever go to a "meet & greet" or any other fanbases. But after a while he thought it over and felt that he has very nice fans, also. Even though it was hard for him - an it still is - meeting fans in the public. He is always a little concerned when too many people are around him. 

Now, After five months, Jack was able to think about June in a peaceful way. Of course, he never felt anger about her decision, but he felt a big loss in his heart. Now that feeling changed somehow. He began to think more clearly about his relationship with June. Something seemed to tell him, that is had to come that way. In fact, it should have ended softer, but he had the surety that this relationship had to end one day. Jack thought about his former relationships and had to get to the point... that he never ever felt what all the poems he ever read told him about love. He loves lovestorys and poems. And he always wanted to write some by himself, but... because he never felt those deep feelings, he failed.

Surely he loved June. And... yes... he loved all the women he was in a relationship with before, but... it never felt right. At times he thought that these feelings are just an illusion. But then he met an old friend, Taylor Jensen, who told him about „his girl“. Taylor never was a man who seemed to have any nameable emotions. And now his mind seemed to have changed completely. After that, Jack began to think about his own emotions and he feared, that he would never be able to love someone that deeply. That was a sad and somehow alarming feeling. 

The Taxi stopped in front of the Plaza Hotel and Jack came back to reality. He paid the driver and went into the hotel.